Composer Spotlight: Derek M. Johnson

Composer Spotlight: Derek M. Johnson

Wednesday, November 13 - 7:30 pm

Making Sounds That Mean Something

Part 1 in a one part series delving into Derek M Johnson's journey to find expression and meaning in all the sounds he makes, be they loud to quiet, pure noise to 4:33, or hyper to soothing. This is the primary goal in all of his performances as he believes being true to one's self and honesty in communicating with an audience is paramount above technical or theoretical issues. One's soul, for lack of a better term, must lay naked and vulnerable for all to react to and do with as they please throughout. And when a performance does not meet such goals, then what? The debilitating feeling of devastation can be overwhelming Derek will present some works in progress as well as perform as he speaks of finding his voice and overcoming the internal demons to push ahead with his musical life.




Derek M Johnson is a musician and artist from Olympia, WA where he was raised. Primarily he plays the acoustic/electric cello in non-traditional and improvisational settings, often as a soundtrack to a hand-made, direct animation slide show of his own creation. He has performed and recorded with Unwound, Jherek Bischoff, Tacoma Symphony, Amy Denio, Thollem McDonnas, Old Time Relijun, Frequency dB, Le Ton Mite, Lake, Kendl Winter, among many others, as well as a brief scene in the rally racing documentary "Easier Said Than Done." Festival performances include Olympia Film Festival, SIFF, Palais Ideal in Chico, CA, Olympia Experimental Music Festival (which he assists with and has performed for almost a decade).

He has a self-titled album on Aphonia Recordings and has started work on a mostly electric cello record.

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