Composer Spotlight: Thomas Makucevich

Composer Spotlight: Thomas Makucevich

Wednesday, September 11 - 7:30 pm

Auditorialization - A Computer Music Journey

Thomas Makucevich will speak about computer music, its history, and how it applies to his most recent work with examples of music produced with the program Logic Studio. He will present some new, unreleased and several world premier pieces. He will discuss the inspiration, techniques, and creative processes that go into forming his music.

In 1976 he formed the progressive rock band Radio Piece III which recorded and performed his compositions in the Southwest CT and New York areas. The band recorded one LP and two CD's in a studio that he built. He formed the record label Radio Star Productions in 1984. His discography includes three progressive rock albums, one solo piano CD, and five computer music CD's. He is currently producing his tenth album, the fifth with Logic Studio.

Thomas Makucevich began creating computer music in the early 1990's with Csound 1.0, an acoustic compiler. He collaborated on the development of Haskore, a high level music specification language, as guest researcher at Yale University with Dr. Paul Hudak and some of his graduate students. He relocated to Seattle this year.

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