Peter Vukmirovic Stevens: August Ruins for Solo Cello

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens: August Ruins for Solo Cello

Wednesday, May 8 - 7:30 pm

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens will present selections from his newly recorded and released set of six works for solo cello, August Ruins, created between 2010 and 2012, in collaboration with cellist Paige Stockley. In addition, he will also talk about the medium of music composition as a channel for making our experiences understood to ourselves.

Traveling and learning languages have been significant sources of inspiration for his works. A dedicated traveler, Peter has crossed the Occidental Sahara, lived in the African brush with the Basari people of Senegal, and traversed India, Bhutan and many other countries in Europe and South America.

The works August Ruins deal with not just his travels and understanding of humanity, but with time and the essentially unchanging human experience.

“My travels to remote and rugged places create experiences that constantly reshape my understanding of the world. As I am transformed by my experiences, I answer with music and art. What I make, in turn, remakes me.”

Peter Vukmirovic Stevens is a composer, pianist and multimedia artist. He serves as the Artistic Director of the Seattle Pianist Collective.

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