Leaning Toward the Fiddler

Leaning Toward the Fiddler is a recording of original works by Seattle-based violinist and singer Hope Wechkin, which also includes her inventive arrangements of traditional Balkan folk songs. Wechkin’s virtuosic and innovative pairing of voice and violin—which she performs simultaneously—fuses folk, classical, and world music into a blend of genres that emerges “full-bore, all-out, utterly unselfconsciously” (Seattle Times).

Sean Osborn: Bits & Pieces

This recording is a short tour of some of the most important works in the development of the clarinet as a stand-alone instrument along with two new works by composer/clarinetist Sean Osborn that build on the works that came before. Sean Osborn has traveled the world as soloist and chamber musician, and during his 11 years with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He has also appeared as guest principal clarinet with the New York Philharmonic, Pittsburgh Symphony, Seattle Symphony, and the American Symphony Orchestra.

Pluie Fine

pluie fine is the result of several exchanges of recorded material shared between Cremaster and Angharad Davies, from 2010 to 2012. Each piece has been built up from multiple transformations passing slowly back and forth between the musicians evolving into a music that inhabits a common space and vision.

Great Howl at Town Haul

Important Records, on the occasion of Pauline Oliveros' 80th birthday, presents two new releases from the Deep Listening Band. These recordings, sadly, mark some of the final trio recordings with David Gamper who passed away in 2011.

Dreams: New Chamber Music by Rachel Matthews

Composer and pianist Rachel Matthews presents a recording of recent works for viola and piano, piano quintet, solo violin, and clarinet and piano. Performers include Helen Callus on viola and the composer at the piano.